for the upcoming 2024 EU Annual KabU Retreat!

This SPECIAL LIVE FESTIVE EVENT with a wide panel of friendly KabU instructors and staff is open to anyone who is into learning about how to attain spirituality in an atmosphere of joy and uplifting unity.

Here’s what’s going to go down…

  • Find out the latest updates that could help make it possible for you to attend the KabU Kabbalah Retreat
  • Participate in contests and win special surprises
  • Ask your hearts away and have all your questions answered live by a wide panel of KabU instructors and staff
  • Share a lot of laughs together and celebrate connection
  • Gain a boost of inspiration and meet other fellow students who will be connecting live to this festive event 

Ask Your Questions Here. Get Them Answered Live During the Live Celebration Event!


  1. It still bothers me that there are no women instructors. I understand that this is on purpose, having to do with some thinking that women have a different role in the world than men. What is this alleged different role/ alleged different way of being or learning? How is it not just plain sexism?

  2. Can we have a short session on how to address Kabbalah with people ‘outside’ of BB who know little of it as i need support when doing this as want the best for a person who maybe receptive?

  3. Will we have more free time to spend to bond in our 10’s? thanks


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