Watch the ULTIMATE RETREAT PREPARATION EVENT for the upcoming 2023 EU KabU Kabbalah Retreat!

This ULTIMATE RETREAT PREPARATION EVENT with live Q&A and prizes is open to anyone who is into learning about how to attain spirituality in an atmosphere of joy and uplifting unity.

Here’s what’s going to go down…

  • Experience the entire 3-day retreat schedule within an hour.
  • Find out the latest updates that could help make it possible for you to attend the EU KabU Kabbalah Retreat.
  • Participate in contests and win special surprises.
  • Ask your hearts away and have all your questions answered live by the coolest instructors ever.
  • Enjoy live music.
  • Share a lot of laughs together and celebrate connection.

Ask Your Questions Here. Get Them Answered Live During the Live Celebration Event!


  1. Bonfire is a chance for women to express themselves? I am sorry, women cannot be Kabbalists? What am I misunderstanding of what Igor said?

  2. Hi everyone 🙂
    I will be joining virtually. My questions are just logistic ones: I understood that we will work in small groups . What happens if my internet connection breaks? If I need to leave the meeting? If I am not able to join a particular activity?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. I have signed up for the retreat digitally. Unfortunately I don’t think that I can make every single part of the retreat. Would that be okay? Is there anything that I should do instead?

  4. Can you PLEASE publish your YT VIDEOS, with a SPANISH translation close caption?

    Many in our study group do not understand ENGLISH.

  5. Why was it important for mankind’s egoistic nature to create such an elaborate and complicated corporeal reality?

  6. Hello KabU. Thank you for this amazing event as well as the courses on Kabbalah in Kabbalah Revealed. My question is about the return to light and the process of pleasures. I feel as if I’m in the area of knowledge and spiritual desire yet a few of the previous desires do not feel fulfilled. Is that natural?

    Also, I’m curious about the 613 desires and how to transform them from the will to receive back to the will to bestow. Is there an order of transforming these desires? If so, from which one does one begin?

    Thank you KabU

  7. Hello beautiful Friends and Teachers 😁❤️


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