for the upcoming 2024 EU Annual KabU Retreat!

This ULTIMATE RETREAT PREPARATION EVENT with a wide panel of friendly KabU instructors and staff is open to anyone who is into learning about how to attain spirituality in an atmosphere of joy and uplifting unity.

Here’s what’s going to go down…

  • Find out the latest updates that could help make it possible for you to attend the KabU Kabbalah Retreat
  • Participate in a contest to win a special prize
  • Review the retreat schedule to get a rundown of the event
  • Ask your hearts away and have all your questions answered live by a wide panel of KabU instructors and staff
  • Share a lot of laughs together and celebrate connection
  • Gain a boost of inspiration and meet other fellow students who will be connecting live to this festive event 

Ask Your Questions Here. Get Them Answered Live During the Live Celebration Event!


  1. If the creator programmed us as receivers, isn’t Kabbalah a rebellion against the creator’s intent?

  2. Could it be that I have reached the Delta?

    Since Kaballah crossed my path 3 weeks ago, things have been in overdrive! For 15 years I’ve studied and practised another teaching (in depth spiritual & psychoanalitical study of the ego) It’s almost identical to everything Kaballah talks about. The ladder, the shattering, the correction… Latter is what has happened to me in the last 15 years.
    I can totally identify with 3 of the lower 4 sephirot as I reckognize the principles of Hod and Nezach having been active in me all this time. I also reckognize Malchut as the black hole, as I’ve been living that for the last 6 six years!

    It’s too much to explain and it’s difficult to describe for me, but I’m so excited about the retreat. Yesod seems to have been what has been missing on my solitary path of correction. I was so incredibly stuck lately and felt like I was being torn in two, hence my question about the Delta; I also can really identify with that process. Despite all the immens suffering there have also been many miracles along the way. I feel very safe and provided for by my Teacher.

    Now it all seems to be coming together. I can’t wait to meet you all and I am so grateful for having been presented with Kaballah and all the work you do. So Thank You! And c u next week!

  3. After discovering Kabbalah in this world, what will happen after a person passes away? Where does their soul go? Will they be reborn again, or do they remain forever in the spiritual world? What is the next step for a Kabbalist after this life?

    • Hi Lily Van. I’ve been a simple Kabbalah student for the last 12 years and to know those answers you need to study and practice a lot of Kabbalah in your life, then I recommend you read all the Zohar (but I specify volume VI of the Pritzker edition, and the book Sha’ar Hagilgulim Gate of the Reincarnations)


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